Concrete Vs Fibreglass Pools?

There are pros and cons for both options so lets compare them.

The benefits of a Firbeglass Pool

Fibreglass pools are quick to install this is because the majority of the pool is constructed in the factory before it gets to you and is as simple as dropping into a hole 

Fibreglass pools are easy to care for because of their smooth gel-coat surface. This surface makes it difficult for algae and bacteria to grow, making them cleaner and healthier this also means they are easier and cheaper to maintain.

People that have owned both a concrete and a fibreglass pool claim their fibreglass pool is warmer – they heat up quicker and stay warmer for longer.

Fibreglass is a reliable material and most pool manufacturers provide an extensive warranty period. Fibreglass is super strong, and quality manufactured pools have the added benefit of being both flexible and strong.