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On Site Service's

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We offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly Valet service where we come out to your pool or spa and test, balance and care for it as you would , leaving you free to relax and enjoy your pool or spa 


Winter Service

Book your Warrant of Fitness for your swimming pool pump and filter.

A regular W.O.F will reduce the chances of small problems manifesting into big expensive service bills


Pump Repairs

We can service all types of  swimming pool and spa pumps if yours is leaking, squealing or not going at all we can diagnose and repair it for you




Spa Repairs

Spa cold or just not working maybe showing a error on the controller, we can identify the faulty part and repair or replace 

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Filter Media Change

How old is your filter media?

Most sand and glass media only have a 5 year life before it requires replacing.  


Leak Repair

We have the expertise to complete all types of repairs. Finding and patching a leak in a liner pool to locating and repairing a crack in a concrete pool

If your repair is not listed above please contact us to discuss 


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