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Spa Pools


Pools, Spas and Essentials have a range of spa pools that vary in size, cost and features. Our portable spas can be set up almost anywhere, and are ready for your immediate enjoyment without the need for plumbing.

We also install a permanent in-ground spa which can be elegantly landscaped into your environment, and will match your freeform or composite swimming pool, using the same design, colour and materials. This is a very attractive optional extra when installing your swimming pool.


Pools, Spas and Essentials offer a range of spa pool accessories which add value to your spa pool experience. These accessories include insulating pool covers which dramatically reduce the cost of running your spa pool by reducing heat loss, pool cover lifters for easy lifting and replacement of the pool cover, through to sound systems for added enjoyment.


Visit our showroom to see our range of Spa Pools


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