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How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

You want to swim in your new pool as soon as possible. You want your backyard to be a construction zone for as short a time as possible. So naturally, you want to know: how long it’s going to take to build that pool?

Your dream pool takes up to six stage's to complete these and most pools are built in 10 to 12 weeks.

 Here are the six stages of building a swimming pool


Stage 1. Designing your pool, during this stage of the process, the design of your dream pool will come to shape. 2-4 weeks

Stage 2. Consents and permits, some councils may be able to issue a permit in a manner of weeks while others may have a more complex application process which can take months this generally be determined by the complexity of the build.

Stage 3. Excavation. Most excavations will take 3-5days this can be greatly impacted by access to the build site and may take longer

Stage 4. installing the pool shell. This step can also can be impacted be access and how difficult to get material to the building site2-7days

Stage 5. Plumbing and engineering. 2-4days Heat pumps and chlorinators will add time to install during this process  

Stage 6. Landscaping. Once your pool is installed, it’s time to add the things that will make it uniquely yours. During the next two to eight weeks, you                    can add features such as paving, seating areas, retaining walls.


Finished project

So How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool? 10 to 12 Weeks on Average

Building a pool is exciting and it helps to know upfront how long it will take so you can plan more accurately. Begin by working with a professional to design your pool, then sit back as the pool professional acquires the proper permits, excavates the area, installs the steel, plumbing, and lighting, and then finally installs the pool.

After the pool is installed, you can have fun by adding landscaping, building decks, and adding other amenities such as an outdoor living area, a fireplace, a spa, or other hardscapes that will make your backyard a true retreat.

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